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Demers Inc, 
 Independent Source for Replacement
Heidelberg Parts and other aftermarket specialty Heidelberg part; as well as  for Heidelberg Presses

  Welcome to Demers Inc, and Demers Parts International;  your independent source for Heidelberg replacement parts and  for Heidelberg pre-owned offset presses, letter presses, and diecutters.     

  Demers Inc and Demers Parts International are not affiliated with Heidelberger Druckmachinen  and/or any of Heidelberger's  affiliates,  here  and  worldwide;  these  names/trademarks/logos    if/are used for  representation only , and exclusive property of Heidelberger   And Its affiliates Worldwide .   

   Polar Paper Cutter parts and Polar specialty printed circuit boards are now available from Demers Parts International's inventory.

   Diecutting cylinder parts are inventoried for immediate delivery. Click on the link following to shop your independent source for fitting    Replacement  Diecutting Parts.  Demers Parts has the largest stock of diecutting parts in North America as well as diecutting jackets .
  Our   Replacement Offset Parts (click link) inventory includes printed circuit boards, refined glass beaded perfecting jackets, gripper fingers, alcolor drive motors, ink rubber rollers, ink teflon rilsan rollers,  cam followers. 
   New Werie-Rietschle compressors in stock and rebuilt kits/ vanes.   
  Demers Parts also carries  rubber suckers, deliver gripper bars, plate clamps, over running ink/water  clutches, ink unit wash-up rubber blades, Alcolor bridge intermediate rollers, rilsan ebonite teflon distributors,  cpc console, relays, contactors and buttons and switches.  

Demers Headquarters is located in Port Charlotte, Florida.  In our modern 15,000 square foot facility, we  stock  inventory of twenty or so presses.  As well, we maintain a worldwide  database of aftermarket Heidelberg presses.   Usually, offset presses are sold from our   showroom where they are cleaned,  checked, and  can be print tested on our floor to your satisfaction. Print testing includes 4 color process with targets, perfecting, solids, breakaways, etc. Our aftermarket Heidelberg diecutters  are,  upon contract, fully  die-cut tested. Whether you visit us at our facility or travel with us to Europe to view a press for purchase, you can be assured that Demers Inc. will provide the best value, quality and availability of specific printing presses and diecutting machinery.



   We pride ourselves on the quality of our Demers Parts International business.  We are the premier after-market supplier of replacement inventory of  parts for Heidelberg presses.  Our 24 plus years of technical/electrical  experience with the Heidelberg Press supports ours strength in indepedently sourcing replacement parts fitting your Heidelberg press and our commitment to you,  the customer.

   Click on the picture of our 188 page color Demers Replacement Parts Catalog,  to go directly to Demers Parts International - Offset and diecutting .


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23350 Janice Ave
Port Charlotte, FLORIDA 33980

(fax) 1.941.625.2100



23350 Janice Ave
Port Charlotte, FLORIDA 33980

(office)1.941.625.PART (7278)
(fax) 1.941.625.2100 (fax)


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